Nicolas is a graduate of the University of Southern California, class of 2007.  Theatre –  He has done work as a writer, actor, and producer with The Whole Theatre, Young Actors Space, Festival Theatre USA, and The Eclectic Company Theatre, including The Minister’s Black Veil, Almost, Maine, and Waxing Construction.  Film – He was creator, writer, producer and director of the web series AirSWAT, and has appeared in Stone Jones vs. America, Blind Ambition: Story of a Hero, and Rebel Without a Bra (Winner of Best Picture in the Ed Wood Film Festival 2004).  Voice Work – Has narrated novels and short stories, including Predictive Analytics, The Success of Suexliegh, BOOM, and Canyon in the Clouds.  He is also the creator of the entertainment website The Eternal Loop, where he produces films, audioplays, scripts, articles, cartoons, and music.